Browse 1901-1911 Census Images

I’ve updated the Census Image browse tool using some elements of the code used for the recent BMD image tool. To use – navigate to a starting page on the Census Returns using the usual search or browse, and select one of the image links – e.g.  a Household Return Form A, Enumerator’s Abstract Form N, Building return form B1,  Outbuildings B2 or for the 1911 returns the additional reverse of the household form.

Copy the full URL (*) of the image and paste into the ‘Enter URL’ text box on the Census Browse tool, and click the ‘submit button.

The Next and Previous buttons move one page forward or backward through the census  images. Also available are +-5, +-10 and +-50 links which skip backward or forward in larger steps.

To start a new search, click the [reset] link to the top right.

The full image URL should have the same format and structure as one of the following :

See John Grenham’s blog post from March 2017 for details on using this technique to try to locate unlinked images – The strange afterlife of the census microfilms

See also the BMD Image Browse Tool and the new Tithe Applotment Image Browse (links added  Jan. 2018).

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