Tithe Applotment Records – Bray Civil Parish, Co. Wicklow

The Tithe Applotment Records for Bray Civil Parish, Co. Wicklow do not appear to have been categorised correctly on the National Archives website system. Some records appear under other parishes – e.g. entries for parts of Bray town, Great Bray, Killarney townland etc are listed as ‘Brannockstown parish, Co. Kildare‘.¬† The correct images are present but the images were filmed sideways, which possibly accounts for the mixup.

Some of the pages are very faint and difficult to make out, the index of locations and contents below was created as a guide using the Tithe image browse tool

383 [start- ‘Bray’]
384 (blank)
385 Great Bray, Chapel …., Rock of Bray, Old Court
387 …, New Court, Bog.. , Newtown Vevay, Sea… , Windygates, Bray Head
389 Killarney, Saint…, Fassaroe[?], Berry FIeld, Spring Field, Glebe Land
391 (calculations)
392 Ballyman, Little Bray
393 (very faint)
394 LIttle Bray, Little Cork, Old Connaght
395 (very faint)
396 Old Connaght, …m.pstown
398 (summary/declaration)
399 (blank)
400 (inc. note – lodged 7th April 1827, paid)
401 Great Bray, Old Court
403 Bog…
405 Killarney, … , Glebe Land
407 (totals & notes)
408 (note re totals)
409 (notes – Bray, Lodged … Oct. 1826, J.J.)
410 (declaration)
411 (declaration & signatures – dated 20th October 1826)
412 [end]

Note – some areas listed under Bray civil parish in later records, e.g. townland index, are included in adjacent parishes¬† e.g. Ballywaltrim is listed on the Tithes under Powerscourt, and in Bray parish in Griffith’s and the townland index.

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