Misclassified Locations in online Tithe records

The Tithe Applotment record images available online on the National Archives of Ireland website, along with corresponding transcripts, have been a great addition to the resources available to those researching online – and also save a trip into Dublin city for those living closer. Since the time these were released people were reporting issues finding townlands – many due to the expected variable spellings used, but some turned out to be misclassified – e.g. a civil parish listed under the incorrect county, or a townland not listed in the expected parish.

Two other issues which can cause problems are the use on the Tithes of local names or names of villages rather than townlands, or in some cases redefined parish boundaries as a result of the OS mapping which can result in townlands appearing in adjacent parishes.

As far as I know the original Tithe transcriptions and location classification was carried out by FamilySearch volunteers, and their system seem to show the same issues regarding locations.

Some of the examples of the location issues that turned up are listed below :

Drumlease, Co. Leitrim

Tithe Records for Drumlease civil parish do not appear on the list of Co. Leitrim civil parishes on the National Archives website – for corrected link to the images see here
(via my IrelandGen.com website) These entries also include some nice maps.

The transcripts of Drumlease records appear to have been mixed with the records for Drumhome parish, Co. Donegal.

Bray, Co. Wicklow  (see also previous topic)

Tithe Applotment Records for Bray, civil parish Co. Wicklow have been misclassified under Brannockstown parish, Co. Kildare on the NAI website. For the correct images see this link  (images are sideways)

Kilcummin, Co. Mayo

Entries for Kilcummin parish Mayo are to be found under Kilcummin, Co. Kerry – mixed in with the correct Co. Kerry records.  For the correct Kilcummin, Co. Mayo record images see this link

St. Mary’s (Fore), Co. Westmeath

This one is a little more obvious – the clue is in the name of the parish – St. Mary’s (Fore), Co. Westmeath is listed under ‘St Mary’s Castlepolland (Cork)’
For the correct images for St. Mary’s (Fore) Westmeath see this link.

Kilscoran, Co. Wexford

Some of the locations listed under Kilscoran Co. Wexford, are actually in Kilseily civil parish in Co. Clare. For the correct Kilscoran Co. Wexford images see this link and for Kilseily Co. Clare see this link.

[updated 23rd Apr – 17:30]

Tankardstown, Co. Kildare

This parish is listed under County Dublin on the Tithe transcriptions, but is actually in Co. Kildare, see the images at this link. The County is not listed on the introduction page but the Diocese for the parish is Dublin which may account for the error.

All Saint’s, Co. Donegal

This parish is also listed under Co. Dublin, but should be under Co. Donegal – see the images starting at this link. These entries contain extensive descriptions, maps and diagrams.

Carnew, Co. Wicklow

Townlands in Carnew Co. Wicklow and Co. Wexford are listed under  Carnalway parish Co. Kildare, the correct images for Carnew civil parish start at this link.

Hacketstown, Carlow/Wicklow

All the Co. Wicklow townlands for this parish are indexed under Co. Carlow

I’ll check through my notes and update this list if I find other examples – if anyone out there has spotted any others let me know , and I’ll add to the list. (I’m on twitter as @Shanew147 or see email address on my website homepage)

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