Historic Catholic Church and Chapel Maps

As a work-around for recent removal of OSI Historic Map viewer, I’ve made a few changes to the Catholic Parish link system – hopefully temporary until a better solution can be found.

1. Find the parish of interest using the map search, civil parish lookup, Diocese etc as usual.  The old OSI maps links have been removed, and the entry now shows the Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM) coordinates.

2. Open the GEOHive map viewer (opens in a new tab/window), and select ‘Data Catalogue/Base Information and Mapping’ option on the top left, and scroll down
to the ‘Historic Map 6 inch Colour (1837-1842)’ and select this using the checkbox.

3.  Return to the parish link page and copy the ITC coordinates of the Chapel. These coordinates consist of two six digit numbers separated with a comma, and paste these into the search option at the top of the GEOHive page, and press enter.

4. GeoHive should select the correct location and zoom in, with a red marker at the location. Drag the the transparency option to the right to show only the historic map.

5. Some chapels only show on the later maps – for these select ‘Historic Map25 inch (1888-1913)’

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