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1095Mortogh O'Brien, king of Ireland, drives Godfred, the Danish king, out of Dublin, and keeps possession of it till his death, twenty-five years after. St. Michan's Church founded this year by St. Michan, a Dane. 
1105St. Catherine's Church built. Newly roofed in 1544, and rebuilt in 1761. 
1105Scotland invaded by a fleet fitted out by the citizens of Dublin; after ravaging the coast, thev made a. descent upon Wales, and carried off thence the shrine of St. Cubie, which they deposited in Christ Church. 
1115Donald, son of Mortogh O'Brien, and king of the Danes of Dublin, defeats the Irish of Leinster with great slaughter. 
1123Turlogh O'Connor, king of Ireland, gives the sovereignty of Dublin to the king of Leinster. 
1142The Danes of Dublin invade North Wales, but are repelled with loss. 
1146The nunnery of St. Mary de Hogges built outside the eastern gate of the city, afterwards called Dame's Gate, by Dermot McMurrogh, king of Leinster 
1152Dublin erected into an archbishoprick by a Bull of Eugenius IV., which was published at the synod of Kells by Cardinal Paparo, the pope's legate. 
1162Lawrence O'Toole made archbishop of Dublin. The Danes of Dublin defeated and McMurrogh, king of Leinster spoiled by Dermot 
1165The Danes of Dublin send forces to assist Henry II against David Ap Owen, prince of North Wales, but the expedition failed through want of provisions 

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