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1152Dublin erected into an archbishoprick by a Bull of Eugenius IV., which was published at the synod of Kells by Cardinal Paparo, the pope's legate. 
1162Lawrence O'Toole made archbishop of Dublin. The Danes of Dublin defeated and McMurrogh, king of Leinster spoiled by Dermot 
1165The Danes of Dublin send forces to assist Henry II against David Ap Owen, prince of North Wales, but the expedition failed through want of provisions 
1166The monastery of All Hallows, or All Saints, built by Dermot, king of Leinster, on the ground on which Trinity College now stands. Roderic O'Connor, King of Ireland, honourably received and entertained by the people of Dublin, who do him homage, and receive from him a present of 4,000 oxen. 
1167Dermot McMurrogh expelled by Roderic, who receives hostages from the Danes of Dublin, 
1169The Danes of Dublin sue for peace, and give hostages to Dermot and Fitzstephen, the commanders of the English, who landed this year at Bannow, in the county of Wexford, 
1170Dublin city taken by storm by Dermot and his English auxiliaries. Miles de Cogan appointed governor. 
1171Hasculf, prince of the Danes of Dublin, having been driven from it by the English in 1170, returns with a fleet of 60 ships, but was defeated, taken prisoner, and put to death. Dublin invested by Roderic O'Connor, king of Ireland, whose army is surprised and routed by the garrison. King Dermot dies this year at Ferns, 
1172Henry II. holds his court in a pavilion of wickerwork, erected outside the city of Dublin, near St. Andrew's Church, where Castle Market now stands; and received the homage of several Irish kings and chieftains. Here, also, Strongbow surrenders the government of Dublin to the king, who confers it on Hugh de Lacy. 
1173Henry II. grants a charter to Dublin, with the same privileges as the city of Bristol then enjoyed, Quits Dublin, and returns to England. 

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