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1170Dublin city taken by storm by Dermot and his English auxiliaries. Miles de Cogan appointed governor. 
1171Hasculf, prince of the Danes of Dublin, having been driven from it by the English in 1170, returns with a fleet of 60 ships, but was defeated, taken prisoner, and put to death. Dublin invested by Roderic O'Connor, king of Ireland, whose army is surprised and routed by the garrison. King Dermot dies this year at Ferns, 
1172Henry II. holds his court in a pavilion of wickerwork, erected outside the city of Dublin, near St. Andrew's Church, where Castle Market now stands; and received the homage of several Irish kings and chieftains. Here, also, Strongbow surrenders the government of Dublin to the king, who confers it on Hugh de Lacy. 
1173Henry II. grants a charter to Dublin, with the same privileges as the city of Bristol then enjoyed, Quits Dublin, and returns to England. 
1174The Priory of Knights Templars, erected by Strongbow at Kilmainham, where the Royal Hospital now stands. 
1175The English, aided by the citizens of Dublin, defeated by Donald, king of Ossory. Roderic of Con naught ravages the country to the walls of Dublin. William Fitz Aldelm founds the abbey of St. Thomas, near Dublin. 
1177Strongbow dies, and is buried in Christ Church, where his monument now stands. Vivian, the pope's legate, holds a synod in Dublin. Miles de Cogan, governor of Dublin, makes an incursion intoConnaught, to assist Murtagh O'Connor, then at war with his father Roderic; but being met by the latter with a large force is forced to make good his retreat to Dublin, which he effects without loss. About this time Henry II appointed his younger son John, Lord of Moreton, to be lord of Ireland. 
1178William Fitz Aldelm, lord justice of Ireland, transfers the relic called Jesus' staff from Armagh to Christ Church, Dublin. 
1185Philip of Worcester, chief governor of Ireland, at the head of a body of forces from Dublin, ravages Armagh for six days, and returns to Dublin without loss. 
1188The Priory of St. John the Baptist built by Alured de Palmer, on the south side of Thomas-street. 

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