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1210King John received the homage of several Irish princes in Dublin: erected courts of justice in the city, and appointed judges and circuits, according to the forms of English law. Coinage of pence and farthings. 
1212John Comyn, archbishop of Dublin, died. He converted Saint Patrick's into a cathedral from a parish church, 
1213Dublin Castle completed by Henry de Loundres lord justice. The bishopric of Glendaloch incorporated with that of Dublin. 
1215Licence granted to the citizens of Dublin to erect a bridge over the Liffey. A new Charter granted to the city by John. 
1216Magna Charta, or the great charter of liberties, granted to the Irish by Henry III. 
1217Fee-farm of the city of Dublin granted to the citizens at a rent of 200 marks. A synod held in Dublin by Archbishop Loundres. 
1223The Archbishop of Dublin prohibited, by a royal writ, from drawing temporal causes into the ecclesiastical courts. 
1224A loan of 366 marks granted to the King, by the citizens, in aid of an expedition against Hugh de Lacy, who was thereby reduced to submission. Grant to the city by Henry III. of 50 marks, in addition to a tax before granted of 3d. for every sack of wool, 6d for every last of hides, and 2d for every barrel of wine. 
1227Confirmation by Hlenry III of the Charter of King John. 
1228Henry de Loundres, archbishop of Dublin, dies, and is buried in Christ Church. 

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