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1350The mountain septs of the Harolds, O'Beirnes, and Archbolds, submit to the English Government. 
1359A second justice added to the court of King's Bench, at a salary of £40, with liberty to continue to practise as a lawyer. 
1361The King's exchequer removed from Dublin to Carlow. A second pestilence this year. 
1362St. Patrick's Church burnt, through the neglect of the sexton. Repaired next year. 
1370The present steeple of St. Patrick's Church erected. A third pestilence, said to have been more destructive than either of the former. 
1383The Court of Common Pleas held in Carlow. 
1383A fourth pestilence in Dublin. 
1385Dublin bridge, since called Old bridge, fell. 
1394Richard II. arrives in Dublin from Waterford, with an army of 30,000 men. Granted a tax of 1d per house, to repair the bridge and streets ; confirmed all former grants; held a parliament, and knighted four Irish princes. He quitted Dublin in the beginning of summer. The O'Beirnes of the mountains defeated by the citizens. 
1399Richard II. arrived in Dublin the second time with a large train, and was nobly entertained by the provost. 

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