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1420A parliament held in Dublin, which sat sixteen days, and granted the lord lieutenant 700 marks. 
1421A parliament held in Dublin, which sat eighteen days, and sent deputies to London for the redress of national grievances. 
1423A concordatum for £19 17s 14d. granted to the citizens of Dublin for their expenses in fitting out a military force against the Irish of Louth, who dispersed on the news of the preparations made against them. 
1426Twenty pounds granted to the citizens for their services against the Irish. 
1428The Old bridge built by the Dominican Friars, who levied a toll of Id. for every carriage or beast of burden that crossed it. 
1431McDorogh, dynast of Leinster, makes an incursion into the English pale, and defeats the forces sent against him, but is finally defeated with great loss. 
1434The mayor and citizens do penance for violating the privileges and abusing the abbot of St. Mary's. 
1439A plague in Dublin, which carried off 3,000 persons. 
1446Thomas Fitzgerald, prior of Kilmainham, having accused James Earl of Ormond of high treason, a trial by combat was appointed at Smithfield; but the quarrel being taken up by the king, was decided without fighting. Also John David, an armourer, having charged his master, William Catur, with treason, a combat took place, in which the latter, being intoxicated, was slain. David was hanged for felony shortly after. 
1447Great numbers died of a plague and famine. 

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