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1470Another plague in Dublin. 
1472The fraternity of Arms of St. George established by parliament for the defence of the pale, of which the mayor of Dublin for the time being was always to be a member. 
1475Bull for founding a university in Dublin, issued by Pope Sextus IV. 
1477The plague wasted Dublin again this year and the following 
1480The mayor, bailiffs, and citizens marched out on a hosting against the O'Mores. 
1486Lambert Simnel, the impostor, crowned in Christ Church, by the name of Edward VI.; the lord deputy, and other great men, being present. 
1487The mayor and citizens obtain the king's pardon for having taken part with Simnel. 
1488Sir Richard Edgecombe arrives in Dublin to take the homage and oaths of fealty of the great men of Ireland. 
1489Muskets brought from Germany, and six of them presented to Gerald, earl of Kildare, lord deputy, who put them into the hands of the sentinels that mounted guard at his house in Thomas St. Another great plague. 
1490The first importation of claret into Dublin. 

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