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1560Dublin Castle repaired and fitted up as a residence for the chief governor of Ireland; at which time a clock was set up there, and others at the Tholsel and St.Patrick's. 
1561The Earl of Sussex, accompanied by a band of citizens, marches against Shane O'Neill, who submits without any great action being performed on either side. 
1562The roof and part of the body of Christ Church fell by which Strongbow's monument was injured. 
1563A band of armed citizens, headed by one of the sheriffs, attended the Earl of Sussex, lord lieutenant, in a hosting to Dundalk, against Shane O'Neill, and returned with great booty. A proclamation issued against meetings of friars and priests in Dublin; and a tax levied on housekeepers who absented themselves from church. 
1565The walls of Wood-quay and Merchants'-quay repaired. John Hawkins, from Sante Fe, New Spain, introduced potatoes into Ireland. 
1566Shane O'Neill forced to raise the siege of Dundalk by the citizens of Dublin, who, with Sarsfield, the mayor, at their head, and without any assistance, obliged O'Neill to retreat, liberated the Lady Sidney, then in Dundalk, and, when returning, routed O'Reilly. Sarsfield, on his arrival in Dublin, was knighted. 7,000 small Bibles imported into Dublin, and sold there. 
1568The mayor fined £100, and committed to Dublin Castle, for disobeying the lord deputy's command as to attending a general hosting, but was liberated after two days' confinement. 
1569Strongbow's monument repaired. Many of the rents of the tenants of Christ Church were made payable On Strongbow's tomb, which may account, in part, for the care taken for its preservation. 
1571Types for printing in the Irish character brought into Ireland by Nicholas Walsh, chancellor of St. Patrick's. 
1573The Earl of Desmond was committed to the charge of the mayor of Dublin, who undertook to maintain him, but would not be answerable for his safe keeping; having licence from government to walk abroad, he escaped, and was proclaimed a traitor. 

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