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1581James Usher, archbishop of Armagh, born in Dublin. 
1582The courts of law removed from Dublin Castle to the Dominican abbey. 
1583Trials by combat before the lords justices in Dublin Castle, between two of the O'Connors, in which Teige McGilpatrick O'Connor cut off the head of his adversary, Connor McConnor, and presented it to the lords justices. 
1586The king's exchequer, then held without the eastern gate, in the place where Exchequer-street is now built, was ransacked by a party from the mountains. 
1588Hugh Roe O'Donnel treacherously entrapped in his own country by the lord lieutenant's orders, and brought prisoner to Dublin Castle, whence he escaped to the O'Tooles of the mountains. Sir John Perrot, on resigning the lord lieutenancy, was escorted to his seat in Carew Castle, Pembrokeshire, by a guard of young citizens of Dublin, with shot. 
1591Trinity College, Dublin, founded by a charter from Elizabeth, on the site of the dissolved monastery of All Hallows or All Saints, which had been given the year before by the citizens for this purpose. 
1593Trinity College opened for the instruction of students. 
1596One hundred and forty-four barrels of gunpowder, intended for Dublin Castle, blew up on the Wood-quay, and destroyed forty or fifty houses, killed between 300 and 400 inhabitants, and damaged several churches. 
1599The Earl of Essex sent with a strong force from England against O'Neill - He lands in Dublin. 
1603King James I. proclaimed in Dublin. 

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