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1622A university opened in Back-lane for the education of Roman Catholics. Several citizens censured by the Castle Chamber for refusing to take the oath of Supremacy. 
1623Proclamation to expel all the Roman Catholic clergy, secular and regular, from the kingdom within forty days, and prohibiting all communication with them after that time. The Rolls office built by Sir Christopher Wandesford, master of the Rolls, at his own expense. 
1627A second examiner added to the Court of Chancery. 
1630A Roman Catholic priest being seized in Dublin, was rescued by the people. Fifteen of the religious houses newly founded by the Roman Catholics seized into the king's hands. 
1632The Roman Catholic college in Back-lane closed by order of government, and granted to Trinity College, who established a weekly lectureship there. 
1634A parliament held in Dublin, in which the supremacy of the archbishop of Armagh over him of Dublin was restored. Also, a convocation by which a new book of canons was established. 
1635A theatre built in Werburgh-street. 
1637A new charter and statutes granted to Trinity College, the latter compiled by Archbishop Laud. 
1640John Atherton, bishop of Waterford, executed at Stephen's-green for bestiality. Sir Christopher Wandesford died while lord deputy. Sir 'William Parsons and Sir John Borlase sworn lords justices. 
1641Owen Connolly gives information of a plot to seize Dublin Castle. The council and the records of several public offices removed from the Castle to Cork-house. Part of the city wall fell down. 

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