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1670In consequence of a great storm at new moon, the river overflowed up to Lazar's-hill, now Brunswick street, and the College. St. Stephen's-green, enclosed and drained, and a double row of lime-trees planted along the wall. New pipes laid through the city, to convey the water from the city basin. The foundation of St. Andrew's Church laid. The city left in charge of the militia, when the garrison was taken out to a general muster on the Curragh of Kildare. Bight bells hung in the steeple of St. Patrick's, six in that of Christ Church, and five in that of St. Catherine's. The hospital for decayed citizen's children, commonly called the Blue Coat Hospital, founded. A wooden bridge erected over the Liffey. An exchange opened at Cork-house. 
1671Several persons killed in an attempt made by the Dublin apprentices to destroy the wooden bridge, whence it was known by the name of Bloody-bridge. A large quantity of military stores burnt in the Castle by an accidental fire. Three persons killed, and many much injured, by the breaking down of the upper gallery of Smock-alley theatre. 
1672The new rules for the regulation of the corporation published by the Earl of Essex, lord lieutenant. 
1675Essex-gate erected on the site of Isod's tower. 
1676Essex-bridge, so called after the lord lieutenant, began to be built. 
1678All Roman Catholic ecclesiastics ordered to quit the kingdom, and all persons of that religion forbidden to enter Dublin Castle. A letter found in the street, stating a conspiracy against the Duke of Ormond, lord lieutenant. St. Stephen's-green improved. 
1678Peter Talbot, Roman Catholic archbishop of Dublin, imprisoned in Dublin Castle, on the arrival of the news of the discovery of the popish plot in Dublin. 
1679Proclamation to imprison the relations of Tories until the principals be lolled or apprehended; also for apprehending the parish priest where a robbery was committed. The Royal College of Physicians founded. 
1680Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, for decayed and disabled soldiers, commenced to be built on the site of the dissolved Priory of Kilmainham. 
1681Oliver Plunkett, Roman Catholic archbishop of Dublin, hanged at Tyburn on a charge of treason. 

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