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1751The building of the Lying-in Hospital in Great Britain-street commenced. 
1752The new style commenced, by rejecting eleven days from the calendar; the first of September being reckoned the 12th. 
1753The increase of houses in Dublin since 1711 found to be 4,000; which at an average of eight inhabitants to a house, gives an increase of population of 32,000. The Hospital for incurables removed to Townsend-street. St. Nicholas' Hospital, Francis street, opened. The foundation of a new bridge, on the site of Essex-bridge, laid; on which occasion the equestrian statue of George I. was taken down. 
1754St.Werburgh's Church burnt. The south wall completed to the Pigeon House. 
1756New Essex-bridge finished. St. Patrick's Hospital for lunatics opened. The Lying-in Hospital incorporated, and next year opened for patients. 
1758An equestrian statue of George II. set up in the centre of St. Stephen's-green. Foundation of St. Thomas' Church laid. A theatre opened in Crow-street. 
1759An Act passed for regulating the corporation of Dublin, whereby the junior guilds acquired considerable privileges. St. Werburgh's Church rebuilt The square of Trinity College towards College-green finished. 
1761St. Catherine's Church, Thomas-street, built. 
1762The north side of Merrion-square began to be built. 
1763Arran-bridge carried away by an inundation. 

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