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1780First Irish state lottery drawn at the Music Hall, Fishamble-street. Simpson's Hospital for the reception of poor, decayed, blind, and gouty men, incorporated. 
1781New Custom House began to be built. 
1782A room in the music Hall, Fishamble-street, gave way, during a public meeting, by which some lives were lost, and many severely hurt. St. Catherine's Roman Catholic church, Meath-street, opened. Declaration of' both houses of Parliament, "that no power on earth had a right to make laws for this country, but the King,Lords, and Commons of Ireland." 
1783Institution of the order of Knights of St. Patrick, first installation held in St. Patrick's cathedral. On St.Patrick's day a grand banquet was given in St. Patrick's Hall, on the occasion of the institution of the order, under the presidency of His Excellency Earl Temple, the first Grand Master. New Castle Market, between Great George's-street and William-street, opened. Blackhall or City Market, Back-lane, opened. The Irish courts of justice declared to be independent of England. Bank of Ireland opened in St. Mary's Abbey. A severe frost, which lasted from 25th Deoember to 21stFebruary. 
1783Convention of delegates from all the volunteer corps in Ireland, assembled at the Rotunda, from 10th November to first December, to obtain parliamentary reform. 
1784An additional judge appointed to each of the three law courts. Habeas Corpus Act for Ireland passed. General Post Office established. College of Surgeons incorporated. Foundation of Bethesda Chapel, Dorset street, laid. King's Inns opened. 
1785An air balloon, the first in Ireland, ascended from Ranelagh gardens. The eastern part of the Parliament House erected, cost £25,000. St. Paul's Roman Catholic church, Arran-quay, built. Dublin General Dispensary instituted. The streets, &c, lighted on an improved plan, by oil lamps with double burners. 
1786The Royal Irish Academy, for the promotion of science, antiquities, and polite literature, incorporated. A police for the city established by act of Parliament. New Four Courts and public offices commenced to be built on the site of the old King's Inns. First Sunday School in Ireland opened in St. Catherine's parish. 
1787The Duke of Rutland, lord lieutenant, dies in Dublin; his remains, after lying for some time in state in the Parliament House, were conveyed in a grand funeral procession to the water side to be deposited in the family cemetery in England. Ballast Board incorporated by the name of "The Corporation for preserving and improving the port of Dublin." Foundation of the Military Infirmary, Phoenix-park, laid. Examination Theatre of Trinity College, opened. Western front of the Parliament House erected, cost, £30,000. 
1788Act passed to regulate the Theatre Royal, Dublin. Number of houses in Dublin, according to a return of the collectors of hearth money, 14,327 ; population, at an average of eight inhabitants to a house, 114,616. 

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