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1800The articles of Union laid before the lord lieutenant, by the Houses of Lords and Commons. First election of Irish members of the Imperial Parliament. Farming Society of Ireland instituted. Wesleyan Methodist Meeting-house, Great Charles-street, opened. 
1801Imperial standard hoisted on Dublin Castle. Fever Hospital, Brown-street, opened. Penitentiary for juvenile offenders opened in Smithfield. St. George's Dispensary, Dorset-street, opened. 
1802Act passed for the sale of the buildings of the late Parliament House to the Bank of Ireland. Foundation of the House of Recovery, Cork-Street, laid. House of Refuge, Baggot-street, opened. St. George's Church, Temple-street, commenced. King's Inns' buildings in Henrietta-street erected. Ormond bridge and Ringsend bridge swept away by a flood which inundated several parts of the city. Boats plied in Patrick-street. Peace of Amiens proclaimed in Dublin. 
1803Insurrection in the city, headed by Robert Emmet, put down the same night it broke out, and several of the leaders executed. Population of Dublin, houses, 15,958 - inhabitants, 109,528 - average of inhabitants to each house,10 5/8. The Charitable Infirmary removed from the Inns-quay to Jervis-street. 
1804Alterations in the late Parliament House, for the purpose of adapting it to the use of the Bank of Ireland, commenced. Vaccine Institution opened. Fever Hospital, Cork-street, opened. 
1805Population of Dublin, as taken by the Rev. James Whitelaw, 170,094 souls - total area of the city, 1,264 acres. A ct, that the assize of bread should be stationary as in London, passed. Office for registering deeds removed from the Lower Castle yard to the King's Inns-quay. Female Penitentiary in Smithfield founded. Hibernian Bible Society instituted. 
1806Foundation stone of the buildings of the College of Surgeons, Stephen's-green, laid. Foundation of the Bedford Asylum, North Great Brunswick-street, for the reception of 1,000 poor children, laid. 
1807Foundation of the new Vice-regal Chapel, Dublin Castle, laid. St. Andrew's Church opened for public worship. The Prince of Wales Parkgate packet, and the Rochdale transport, with 300 passengers, wrecked at Dunleary; all souls onboard lost, except the captain and the crews. 
1808Foundation stone of Nelson's monument laid. Hospital for the poor of St. Anne's and St. Mark's parishes opened in Mark-street. Bank of Ireland opened in College-green. New police, with jurisdiction over eight miles round Dublin, established. Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital opened. 
1809Jubilee for the fiftieth anniversary of the reign of George III celebrated for three days in Dublin. The improvements of Essex-bridge completed. Richmond Institution for the Industrious Blind opened. Meath Loan Society instituted. 

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