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448St. Patrick converts the King of Dublin, Alphin McBochaid, and his subjects to the Christian faith, and baptizes them in a well on the south side of the city, thence called St. Patrick's well, near which a church was built about the same time, also called after the saint. 
491St. Patrick dies, aged 122 years. 
498Dublin and its vicinity seized on by a fleet of Danes, or Ostmen, who sail up the Liffey, and give the country to the north of the city the name of "Fingal" or the "Land of the White Strangers;" and to that of the south, "Dubghgall," or the "Land of the Black strangers." The city inclosed by them with walls. This event is referred by some writers to the year 838. 
851The Danes driven out of Dublin, and the city plundered by the Irish of Meath and Leinster. The city retaken by the Danes next year, and newly fortified. 
853Amlave, or Aulaffe, arrives in Ireland with a powerful fleet, and all the Danes submit to his government.He makes a truce with the neighbouring Irish princes. 
856The truce having; expired, hostilities commence between the Ostmen of Dublin and Melaghlin, king of Ireland, which continued for three years, with great loss on each side. 
857Cathol the White, attempting innovations in Munster, was routed with great loss by Aulaffe and Yvor, the Danish kings of Dublin and Waterford. 
860The Danes of Dublin defeated by Maolseaghlin, at the battle of Dromdamaigh. 
863Clondalkin, the favourite residence of Aulaffe, burned by the Irish, and 100 of the principal Danes slain. 
869Armagh plundered and burnt by Aulaffe and the Danes of Dublin. 

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