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860The Danes of Dublin defeated by Maolseaghlin, at the battle of Dromdamaigh. 
863Clondalkin, the favourite residence of Aulaffe, burned by the Irish, and 100 of the principal Danes slain. 
869Armagh plundered and burnt by Aulaffe and the Danes of Dublin. 
870Ivar, styled king of the Normans of all Ireland, defeats and kills Aidell, King of Leinster. 
872Ostin McAulaffe succeeds his brother Ivar, and makes a successful expedition into North Britain against the Picts, but is killed by his own subjects on his return. 
879Aulaffe and his son Ivar sail to England with 200 , to aid their countrymen, Hinguar and Hubba, and return to Dublin next year laden with booty. Aulaffe soon after died. 
883The Danes of Dublin plunder the churches of Kildare and Naas. 
883Flan McMelaghlin, king of Ireland, defeated by the Danes of Dublin. 
890Armagh again plundered and burnt by the Danes of Dublin. Dublin city taken by Gregory, king of Scotland. 
897Ireland visited with a plague of strange worms, having two teeth, which devoured every thing green in the land; supposed to have been locusts. 

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