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911The Danes of Dublin invade South Wales, but are repulsed with loss. 
915St. Mary's Abbey, near Ostmantown, founded by the Danes 
916The Danes defeated by Neill's son, with the greatest slaughter that had ever yet befallen them in Ireland. The same year the Danes ravage Anglesea. 
919Neill IV., king of Ireland, defeated and slain by the Danes, near Dublin. 
937Aulaffe, King of Dublin, defeated in Northumberland by Athelstan. 
944Congelath McMelith, king of Ireland, took and burnt Dublin, but it was retaken the following year by Blacar, the Danish king. 
946Meath ravaged by the Danes of Dublin. 
947The Danes routed by Oongelach, king of Ireland, and again in the ensuing year. 
950The Danes defeated in Meath by the Irish. 
956Congelach defeated and slain by the Danes of Dublin. 

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