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1267Violent contest between the archbishop of Dublin and the citizens, for an alleged violation of the privileges of the church, for which the Mayor and citizens were solemnly excommunicated, which was composed the next year by the interposition of the lord justice and council. 
1268Abbey of Weteschan, for Friars Penitent, founded near the Coombe. 
1278Carmelite, or White Friar's monastery, founded by Sir Robert Bagot, in Whitefriar-street. 
1279The coinage altered to a fixed standard, by command of Edward I. There were four mints in Dublin during this King's reign. 
1282High-street burned. 
1283The greatest part of the city, together with most of the buildings of Christ Church and St, Werburgh's Church, destroyed by an accidental fire. 
1286The citizens of Dublin excommunicated for encroaching on the ecclesiastical rights. 
1287Charter granted to Dublin by Edward I. 
1289Renewal of grants of customs to repair the exchequer. 
1300Base coin, called Pollards and Crocards, cried down by proclamation. 

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