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1313A bridge erected at Ballybough by John Deeer, which was destroyed by an inundation. The citizens of Dublin recover Greencastle, which had been taken by Edward Bruce, brother of the King of Scotland, and threw the governor into prison, where he was starved to death. 
1316The citizens of Dublin defeat an ambuscade of the O'Tooles in Cullen's-wood. St. Mary's Abbey plundered in an attempt to arrest the Earl of Ulster for favouring Edward Bruce. St. Patrick's Cathedral burned by the Mayor and Commons of Dublin, to prevent it falling into the hands of Bruce. Part of the city burned by Bruce in an unsuccessful assault. Steeple of Christ Church blown down. Bridge-gate, near the bridge: erected. 
1320Alexander de Bicknor, archbishop of Dublin, founded a university in St. Patrick's Church. 
1327Adam Duffe O'Toole burned for blasphemy in Hoggin, now College-green. 
1331Sir William Birmingham, and Walter his son, taken by stratagem by Sir Anthony Lucy, lord justice, at Clonmel, and committed to Dublin Castle. Sir William was hanged in Dublin next year, and his son liberated, because he was in holy orders. A great famine relieved by a prodigious shoal of fish, called Turlehydes, being cast on shore at the mouth of the Dodder. They were from 30 to 40 feet long, and so thick that men standing on each side of one of them, could not see those on the other. Upwards of 200 of them were killed by the people. 
1332Arklow Castle taken by Sir Anthony Lucy, at the head of the citizens of Dublin. John Decer, the great benefactor of the city, dies. 
1333Parliament sat in the Carmelite Convent. 
1335Confederation for the mutual defence of their privileges, between the citizens of Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Limerick, and Drogheda. Maurice, earl of Desmond, lord justice, died in Dublin Castle. 
1338Severe frost from the beginning of December to the beginning of February, in which the Liffey was frozen so hard that the citizens played at foot-ball, and lit fires on the ice. 
1342A great booty brought into Dublin from the O'Dempseys, of Leinster, by Maurice, fourth earl of Kildare. 

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