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1647Dublin surrendered to the Commissioners of Parliament by the Marquess of Ormond. Owen Roe O'Neale burnt the country about Dublin, so that 200 fires were visible at once from one of the church steeples. 
1648The walls and fortifications of Dublin repaired by Colonel Jones, governor under the parliament. 
1649Battle of Bagotrath, where the Marquess of Ormond was defeated by the garrison of Dublin. Oliver Cromwell lands in the city with 9,000 foot and 4,000 horse. 
1650A plague rages violently in Dublin. 
1652A high court of justice sat at Dublin, by which Sir Phelim O'Neill and others, charged with murders during the rebellion, were condemned and executed. 
1655Henry Cromwell made commander-in-chief in Ireland. 
1658Richard Cromwell appoints his brother Henry lord lieutenant of Ireland. 
1659Dublin Castle seized by a party of officers favourable to the Restoration. The commissioners of parliament declare for a free government. 
1660A golden chain, called, from its texture, the collar of SS, presented to the mayor of Dublin by Charles II., and a foot company granted to him. Twelve bishops consecrated together in St. Patrick's Church, when the sermon was preached by Dr. Jeremy Taylor, Lord Bishop elect of Down and Connor. 
1661A theatre erected in Orange-street, late Smock-alley, and now West Essex-street, on the spot on which the Catholic church of St. Michael and St. John's now stands. A parliament held in Dublin. 

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