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7-Apr-1885Arrival of Channel Fleet in Kingstown. 
8-Apr-1885Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Prince of Wales arrived in Dublin, and received an enthusiastic reception. 
9-Apr-1885-His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales hold a Levee at the Castle . The Princess of Wales visited Alexandra College, and held a Drawing-room at the Castle. 
10-Apr-1885Foundation stone of Dublin Science and Art Museum laid by the Prince of Wales. Degree of Doctor of Laws conferred of the price of Wales by the Royal University, and that of Doctor of Music conferred on the Princess of Wales. 
Jun-1885Departure of His Excellency Earl Spencer, K.G. consequent on the resignation of Mr. Gladstone's Ministry. 
30-Jun-1885His Excellency Earl of Carnarvon sworn in as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 
1-Jul-1885The Right Hon. Lord Ashbourne sworn in as Lord High Chancellor of Ireland. 
7-Jul-1885Public entry of His Excellency the Earl of Carnarvon as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 
26-Jan-1886Right Hon . William Henry Smith, M.P. sworn in as Chief Secretary for Ireland. 
28-Jan-1886Departure of His Excellency Earl of Carnarvon, consequent on the resignation of the Marquess of Salisbury' s Ministry. 

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