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   Streets in : St. Thomas Civil Parish

 Street Split
 Abbey Street (Lower) 
 Abbey Street (Upper) 
 Amiens Street 
 Bayley Row 
 Beaver Street 
 Beresford Place 
 Brewery Yard 
 Britain Street (Great) *
 Buckingham Place 
 Buckingham Street (Lower) *
 Buckingham Street (Upper) *
 Carlisle Place 
 Charlemont Street (North) 
 Circular Road *
 Commons Street 
 Connolly Court 
 Cumbereland Street 
 Cumberland Lane (East) 
 Duke Row 
 Earl Street (North) 
 Eden Quay 
 Elephant Lane 
 Elliot Place 
 Gardinder Street (Lower) 
 Gloucester Lane, Gloucester Place 
 Gloucester Place 
 Gloucester Place (Lower) 
 Gloucester Place (Upper) 
 Gloucester Place, Diamond 
 Gloucester Street (Lower) 
 Gloucester Street (Upper) 
 Gregg Lane 
 Harbour Court 
 Hart Street 
 Henry Street *
 Lloyd Court 
 Mabbot Street 
 Marlborough Place 
 Marlborough Street 
 Mayor Street 
 Mecklenburgh Lane 
 Mecklenburgh Street 
 Meredith Place 
 Montgomery Street 
 Moore Lane 
 Moore Row 
 Morgan Lane 
 Nelson Lane 
 North Wall 
 Nugent Court 
 Portland Row 
 Potter's Alley 
 Preston Street 
 Prince's Street 
 Purdon Street 
 Rutland Street (Lower) 
 Sackville Street (Lower) *
 Sackville Street (Upper) 
 Sherlock Court *
 Spencer Court 
 Spencer Row 
 Store Street 
 Stratford Row 
 Summer Hill *
 Talbot Street 
 Thomas Lane 
 Thompson Place 
 Tucker's Row 
 Washington Row 
 William's Row 


List of streets and civil parishes in Dublin city.

Details based on summary of lists of eligable voters.

Streets marked as Split appear in more than one civil parish - e.g. Sackville St. Lwr was partially in St. Marys and the rest in St. Thomas.

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