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1840Scotch Church, Adelaide-road, founded. Wesleyan Methodist Meeting-house, Hendrick-street, rebuilt. New statute granted to Trinity College, Dublin, by which ten new fellowships were founded, and the celibacy of the fellows abolished. Royal Agricultural Society for Ireland founded. Foundation of St. Audoen's Roman Catholic Church, High-street, laid. 
1841Meetings held in the early part of this year to revive Irish manufactures. The first Town Council elected, under the new Corporation Act, on the 26th October; and Daniel O'Connell, Esq., M.P., sworn in Lord Mayor on the 8th November. Population of Dublin - inhabited houses, 20,109; families, 49,511; persons, 232,726. Irish Archaeological Society, for the publication of works illustrative of the ancient history and antiquities of Ireland instituted. 
22-Mar-1842The first stone of the Wesleyan Centenary Chapel, Stephen's-green, south, laid. The first stone of the Episcopal Church, Wellington-square, Harcourt-street, laid, The Irish Collegiate School and six Irish Scholarships established in the University for the encouragement of the Irish language. First stone of the National Bank of Ireland, College-green, laid. 
1843The Wesleyan Centenary Chapel, Stephen's-green south, opened for divine worship. The Atmospheric Railway between Kingstown and Dalkey opened to the public. A peal of joy-bells hung in St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Arran-quay. 
7-Oct-1843Public meeting a t Clontarf, to be held on 8th October, prevented by Proclamation. 
14-Oct-1843Informations lodged against Daniel O'Connell, M.P., John O'Connell, M.P., Rev. Thomas Tierney, Rev Peter James Tyrrell, Richard Barrett, Charles Gavan Duffy, John Gray, Thomas Matthew Ray, and Thomas Steele, for a Misdemeanour. 
14-Nov-1843Proceedings on the Information commenced in the Court of Queen's Bench. 
1844Dublin and Drogheda Railway opened to the public. 
15-Jan-1844Trial of Daniel O'Connell and others commences. 
12-Feb-1844Verdict of Guilty found. 

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