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30-May-1844O'Connell, is committed to prison. 
6-Sep-1844Liberated on reversal of judgment, on Appeal to the House of Peers. 
1845Military Prison, and Protestant and Roman Catholic Chapels, Arbour-hill, commenced. First stone of a new Presbyterian Meeting-house, Upper Ormond-quay, laid. 
1846Presbyterian Meeting House, Lower Gloucester street, North, opened for Divine service. 
Aug-1846Great Southern and Western Railway opened to Carlow. 
15-May-1847Death of Daniel O'Connell, at Genoa 
16-May-1847Death of the Earl of Bessborough, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 
28-Jun-1847Midland Great Western Railway opened. 
5-Aug-1847Interment of the remains of O'Connell in Mount Prospect Cemetery, Glasnevin. 
27-May-1848Conviction of John Mitchel, for felonious publications in The United Irishman newspaper, under the Treason Felony Act, for which he was forthwith transported to Bermuda Island for 14 years. 

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