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8-Apr-1850Aggregate meeting of the citizens of Dublin to petition against the abolition of the Vice-royalty of Ireland. 
18-Apr-1850Dublin visited by a violent thunder-storm, when property to the amount of £27,000 was destroyed. 
15-Aug-1850Charter granted by Her Majesty Queen Victoria for the foundation of a new university in Dublin, to be called "The Queen's University in Ireland" His Excellency the Earl of Clarendon, K.G., appointed the first chancellor. 
18-Nov-1850At the requisition of Archbishop Murray, the Roman Catholic Clergy of the Arch-Diocese meet at the Presbytery, Marlborough-street, and agree to an address of congratulation to the English Catholics on the restoration of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy in England. 
4-Jan-1851An address to the Archbishop of Canterbury, published by the Prelates of the Established Church in Ireland, remonstrating with his Grace on their being passed over as a component part of the Church of England in the memorial of the English Bishops to the Queen on the subject of the restoration of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy. 
21-Jan-1851The Lord Mayor, Benjamin Lee Guinness, Esq. gave his inaugural banquet in the Mansion House, on a scale of unusual splendour. His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant and most of the leading nobility and gentry in the city were among the guests. 
21-Jan-1851An address to the Crown, and petitions to both Houses of Parliament, against the contemplated abolition of the Irish Vice-royalty, unanimously adopted by the Town Council. 
25-Feb-1851Conference of the Roman Catholic Prelates at the Presbytery in Marlborough-street, to take into consideration the course to be adopted in referendum to the Ecclesiastical Titles' Assumption Bill, at which it was unanimously resolved to present a memorial to the Queen, to address the Catholics of Ireland, and to petition Parliament against the Bill. 
4-Mar-1851The Repeal Association, which, at the commencement of the agitation on the subject of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, had taken the name of the Catholic and Repeal Association, adjourns its meetings sine die- 
31-Mar-1851The Census of the City of Dublin taken. According to the abstract published by the Commissioners, the population of Dublin at this date was: males, 119,183 ; females, 139,178; total, 258,361; being an increase of 25,635 on the Census of 1841. The number of families was, 57,622; inhabiting 22,270 houses ; the number of uninhabited houses, 1,920, and the number building, 121; total, 24,317. 

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