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29-Apr-1851Meeting of Roman Catholics in the Round Room of the Rotunda, to protest against the Ecclesiastical Titles' Assumption Bill. 
5-May-1851The canons and decrees of the Roman Catholic Synod of Thurles ratified by the Pope, and measures taken for the establishment of- a Roman Catholic University in Ireland. 
1-Aug-1851The Midland Great Western Railway opened for traffic to Galway. 
2-Mar-1852Departure from Dublin of His Excellency the Earl of Clarendon, Lord Lieutenant, consequent on the resignation of Lord John Russell's ministry. 
10-Mar-1852Arrival in Dublin of his Excellency the Earl of Eglinton and Winton, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 
2-Apr-1852Dr. Cullen elected successor to the late Archbishop Murray, by the parish priests of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin. 
1-Jun-1852Electric Telegraph laid down between Holy-head and Dublin. 
21-Jun-1852£20,000 (subsequently increased by £6,000) , placed at the disposal of the Royal Dublin Society by Wm. Dargan, Esq., railway contractor, to be applied to an Exhibition of Irish Manufactures and other produce in Dublin, in 1853. 
29-Jun-1852Dr. Cullen enthroned as Roman Catholic Archbishop, in the Church of the Conception, Marlborough-st. 
30-Sep-1852The Dublin Royal Exchange opened by the Corporation as the City Hall. 

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