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1536St. Patrick's staff, which had been brought from Armagh, and deposited in Christ's Church, burnt. 
1538The sweating sickness carries off great numbers of the citizens. Plays acted at Hoggin's green now College green before the Earl of Ossory, lord justice. 
1539The Lord Deputy Grey, with the assistance of the citizens of Dublin, defeats O'Neill at Bellabroa. 
1540Silver testoons, two-pennies, and pennies, coined in Dublin. 
1541HenryVIII proclaimed king of Ireland instead of lord as before. General pardon on the proclamation of his new title. The Priory of Christ Church converted into a deanery and Chapter, and the Priory of Kilmainham extinguished. 
1543O'Donnel and his two brothers taken prisoners and confined when attending a council in Dublin, but after some time liberated. 
1544Archbishop Browne erects the prebends of St. John's, St.Michan's, and St. Michael's, in Christ Church. 
1545The abbey of St. Thomas the martyr, near Kilmainham, granted to Wm. Brabazon, ancestor to the Earl of Meath. 
1546Bernard Fitzpatrick sent his son Teague a prisoner to Dublin, where he was executed. 
1547The Byrnes and O'Tooles defeated by Sir Anthony St. Leger. 

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