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1548The title of bailiffs of Dublin changed to that of sheriffs. John Ryan and Thomas Finiary, the last bailiffs being made the first sheriffs. A mint set up in Dublin., which soon failed for want of bullion. 
1550On Easter Sunday, the Liturgy was read in the English language in Christ Church, and printed next year by Humphry Powell, in Dublin, being supposed to be the first book printed in this city. 
1551The title of Primacy of all Ireland taken from the see of Armagh, and bestowed on that of Dublin. The Bible printed in Dublin. 
1552Contest for military precedence between the mayors of Dublin and Drogheda, during an expedition against O'Reilly, when it was decided that the former, by right, should command the van going out, and the rere returning. A great scarcity; the peck of wheat, about four bushels English, sold for 24s., but the harvest proving plentiful, it fell to 5s. The testoon, or groat of mint money, ordered by proclamation to pass for 2s. 
1553The militia of Dublin took part in an expedition to Dundalk, against O'Neill. The service of the mass restored in Dublin by order of Queen Mary. 
1554Several English Protestants who fled from England to avoid persecution, settled in Dublin. 
1555The plot of ground that contains the head of water which supplies the city was enclosed with stone and lime at the expense of the citizens. 
1556The Cavenaghs, who were plundering the southern part of the county of Dublin, defeated by the citizens hemmed into Powercourt Castle, mid forced to surrender. Seventy-four of them hanged in Dublin, the rest pardoned. Cannons and muskets imported by John Chalonor, mayor, at his own expense, for the use of the city. Queen Elizabeth proclaimed in Dublin. 
1557St. Paul's Church much damaged by fire. 
1558Rathlin Island taken by Lord Deputy Sussex, with the assistance of the citizens of Dublin. 

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