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1705The society of the Ouzel Galley, for deciding mercantile controversies, instituted. 
1707The Custom-house at Essex-bridge commenced. Interest of money reduced from ten to eight per cent. St. Patrick's, commonly called Marsh's Library. founded. St. Anne's Church, Dawson-street, commenced; and St. Nicholas Within, Nicholas-street, erected. The Ballast board incorporated. 
1708St. Luke's Church, on the Coombe, erected. 
1711The council-chamber, treasury, with many of the records belonging to it, burnt. A convocation held, in which some new canons were ordained. 
1715A severe frost. 
1716A violent storm did great injury in the city. Others occurred in several years following. 
1720The building of Steevens' hospital commenced. Sermons for the relief of the distressed weavers preached in all the parish churches by order of Government. 
1722An equestrian statue of George I. set up on Essex bridge, which Was afterwards moved to Dawson-street. 
1724Violent storms in the months of November and December did much damage. 
1725Interest of money reduced to seven per cent. The Market-house in Thomas-street built. 

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