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13-May-1921Nominations to Parliament of Southern Ireland; 128 Members returned unopposed. 
25-May-1921Custom House, Dublin, set on fire by armed civilians and completely destroyed. 
17-Jun-1921Parliament of Southern Ireland opened in College of Science, Dublin, but only four Members (Unionist) attended. 
26-Jun-1921Mr. Lloyd George invites Mr. De Valera to attend an Irish Settlement Conference in London. 
4-Jul-1921Conference at Mansion House between Sinn Fein leaders and Southern Unionists. 
8-Jul-1921Truce declared between Government and Sinn Fein to operate as from the 11th. 
14-Jul-1921Mr. Lloyd George and Mr. De Valera meet at Conference in London to discuss basis of proposed Peace Conference. 
22-Aug-1921Government Peace offer rejected by Dail Eireann after sitting in secret session for several days. 
11-Oct-1921Further Conference between Government representatives and Sinn Fein delegates in London. 
6-Dec-1921A Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland signed in London by representatives of Great Britain and Delegates from Ireland. 

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