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7-Jan-1922Treaty ratified by Dail Eireann by majority of seven after protracted discussion. 
10-Jan-1922Arthur Griffith elected President of Dail Eireann. 
14-Jan-1922Meeting of Parliament of Southern Ireland when Treaty was ratified by it and Provisional Government of Irish Free State appointed. 
16-Jan-1922Provisional Government of the Irish Free State Constituted. 
31-Jan-1922Beggar's Bush Barracks occupied by National Army. 
27-Feb-1922National troops took over Guard at Bank of Ireland. 
1-Apr-1922Provisional Government took over all services controlled by British Authorities. 
11-Apr-1922Wellington Barracks and Tallaght Aerodrome occupied by National Army. 
14-Apr-1922Four Courts and other buildings in Dublin seized and fortified by forces under Mr. Rory O'Connor. 
25-Apr-1922First Irish Exchequer Returns in 105 years issued in iris Oifigiuil (Dublin Gazette). 

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