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Trades Listing
Virtual Trades and Occupations listing for Dublin city, from Wilson's Merchants and Traders Directory 1804, part of the Treble Almanac. Select an initial letter of the trade or occupation, and then select from the list to show details - Beta version (data test)

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Sadler Sail-cloth-manufacturer Sail-cloth-merchant Sail-maker
Salesmaster Salt-manufacturer Salter Scale-maker
Scots-merchant Scourer Scowerer Scrivener
Seal-cutter Seal-engraver Secretary Seed-merchant
Seedsman Serge-factor Set-cooper Sheriffs-peer
Ship-block-maker Ship-broker Ship-builder Ship-chandler
Ship-wright Shoemaker Shot maker Shroud-manufacturer
Silk-dyer Silk-manufacturer Silk-mercer Silk-merchant
Silk-stocking-dresser Silk-throwster Silk-weaver Silver-lace-seller
Silver-plater Silversmith Skin-dealer Skin-merchant
Skinner Slate-merchant Slator Slitting-mill
Smith Soap-boiler Spanish Leather-dresser Spanish-leather-dresser
Spanish-leather-manufacturer Spanish-leather-seller Spice-merchant Spirit-merchant
Stable-keeper Stage-wag. Stamp-stationer Starch Manufacturer
Starch-manufacturer Starch-manufcturer Stationer Stay-maker
Steel-toy-maker Stock-broker Stone-blue-manufacturers Stone-carver
Stone-cutter Stone-engraver Store-keeper Stores
Stover & Fin. of white goods Straddle-maker Straw-hat merchant Straw-hat-manufacturer
Stucco-plaisterer Stucco-worker Stuff-manufacturer Stuff-mercers
Sugar-baker Sugar-refiner Superintendant Magistrate Supervisor
Supervisor of Pipe-water-revenue Surgical-Inst.-maker Surveyor Surveyor of Auctions
Surveyor of Bottles Surveyor of import-leather Surveyor of Paper-hangings Swedish Ship-broker
Sword-cutler Sworn-broker