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Trades Listing
Virtual Trades and Occupations listing for Dublin city, from Wilson's Merchants and Traders Directory 1804, part of the Treble Almanac. Select an initial letter of the trade or occupation, and then select from the list to show details - Beta version (data test)

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Tabinet-manufacturer Table-beer-brewer Tailor Tallow-chandler
Tanner Tape-manufacturer Tar-seller Tassel-manufacturer
Tavern-keeper Tea-dealer Tea-merchant Tea-warehouse
Teacher of Writing Thermometer-maker Thread-maker Thread-manufacturer
Thread-Tape-manufacturer Tile-manufacturer Tim-plate-worker Timber-merchant
Tin-plate-worker Tobacconist Tool-cutter Tool-maker
Tortoise-shell-comb-manufacturer Toy-seller Trimming-manufacturer Trimming-merchant
Trimming-seller Trumpet-maker Trunk-maker Turkey-red-dyer