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Moore Street Prince's Street, North Sackville Place
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Moore Street From Henry street to Parnell street
Parish : St. Mary
North City Ward

Most damage on the eastern side of the street (no.s 1 - 8)
 Eastern side of the street, running south to north
1 & 2Humphrys, J. tea, wine & spirit merchant
Humphrys, J. tea, wine & spirit merchant
(shown as destroyed on Insurance map)
3Savino, O., fried fish shop
Listed as Rebuilding in Thom's 1917
4Morris, Miss Bridget, dairy
Listed as Rebuilding in Thom's 1917 Clarke's court intersects ........
5Hammel, Augustus, pork butcher
Dunne, M.J. pork butcher
(Shown as Destroyed on Insurance Map)
6Dillon, Robert, fruiterer
Dillon, Robert, fruiterer
(Shown as Rebuilding in Thom's 1917)
7Reddy, Patrick, fish & poultry
Reddy, P., fish & poultry
8Dillon, Robert
Shields, John prov. merch
Sheilds, John, provision
Sheilds, John, provision merch
9Mulvany, Mrs. victualler
Shields, John, prov. merch.
10Cogan, T. F. provision dealer
Cogan, T. F. provision dealer
11Plunkett, James, china & glass dealer
Plunkett, James, china & glass dealer
12Cogan, T. F. confectionery
McGivney, Patk., cutler &c.
13Hogan, Mrs. Rose Anne
Hogan, Mrs. Rose Anne
14Norton, Mrs. china & glass warehouse
Norton, Mrs. china & glass warehouse
15O'Gorman, Miss M. clothes dealer
O'Gorman, Miss M. clothes dealer
16Plunkett, Patrick , poulterer, &c.
Plunkett, Patk. , poulterer, &c.
17Gore, R. J. chemist & druggist
Gore, R. J. chemist & druggist
18 & 19Ruins
20 & 21Hanlon, M. & P. fishmongers & ice merchants
Hanlon, M. & P. fishmongers & ice merchants
22 & 23Price , George, importer of china, glass, earthenware etc.
Price's Stores, imported of baskets and goods
24 & 25Kelly, Patk, fish merchant
Kelly, Patk, fish merchant Sackville lane intersects ......
26McCormack & Fogarty, grocers, tea, wine & spirit merchant
McCormack & Fogarty, grocers, tea, wine & spirit merchant
27Reddy , Patk. fish and fowl dealer,
Maypole Dairy Co. (ltd)
27ARubmann, M. pork butcher
Rubmann, M. pork butcher
28Byrne, Thomas , delph & china
28AThe Maypole Dairy Co. (ltd)
Tallon, P merch.
30O'Connor, P. poulterer
O'Connor, P. poulterer
30 ½Flanagan, Christr., poulterer
Flanagan, C., poulterer
... here Parnell street intersects........ [end of street]
 Western side of the street, running north to south
30aNelson & Sons (ltd) victuallersByrne, J.L. (ltd) prov. merch
31Scully, George, purveyorScully, George, purveyor
32McDonagh, Dominick , victuallerMcDonagh, D., victualler
33Home & Colonial Tea StoresHome & Colonial Tea Stores
34Sheridan, Mrs. victuallerSheridan, Mrs. victualler
35Sammon, M. victuallerSammon, M. victualler
36McManus, Mary, greengrocerMcManus, Mary, greengrocer
37O'Leary, Chr. fishmongerPender, Mrs. K. fishmonger
38Broe, Edward , victuallerO'Donnell, Chr., victualler Riddall's row intersects ........
39Walsh, Wm. victuallerWalsh, Wm. victualler
40Farrell, Patrick, potato mer. Kelly, Wm. greengrocer
41Dodrill, Patrick, victuallerDodrill, Patrick, victualler Moore street Market intersects....
42Laphen, Patrick, victuallerLaphen, Patrick, victualler
48Carney, C. victuallerCarney, C. victualler
44Moore, John, victuallerMoore, John, victualler
45Union, J. & Sons , victuallersUnion, J. & Sons , victuallers
46O'Byrne, Wm. tea, wine & spirit merchantO'Byrne, Wm. tea, wine & spirit merchant
47Gorman, Mary, victuallerTurner, F., greengrocer
48Whelan, Mrs. prov. dealerWhelan, Mrs. prov. dealer
49Carroll, Mrs. tripe dresser, manuf. of neatsfoot oil & tallowCarroll, Mrs. tripe dresser, manuf. of neatsfoot oil & tallow
50Canavan, John, victuallerCanavan, John, victualler Moore place intersects....
51Richardson, Patrick, victuallerRichardson, Patk., victualler
52Roche, Christopher, victuallerRoche, Chr., victualler
53Roche, Joseph, victuallerRoberts, M.J., famly grocers &c
54Dodrill, Joseph, victuallerVacant Sampson's lane intersects.......
55Canavan, James, victuallerCanavan, James, victualler
56Harte, Patrick, victuallerHarte, Patrick, victualler
57Heavey Brothers, family grocers & provision merchantsHeavey Brothers, family grocers & provision merchants
58vacantSavino, O., fried fish shop
59Fee, Francis , grocer, tea, wine, & spirit merchantFee, Francis , grocer, tea, wine, & spirit merchant
60Morris, P., victuallerRebuilding
61O'Donnell, Chr. victuallerRebuilding
62Ward, Miss E. victuallerRebuilding