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Surname Listing
Surname listing for Dublin city, from Wilson's Merchants and Traders Directory 1804, part of the Treble Almanac. Select an initial letter of the surname, and then select from the list to show details - Beta version (data test)

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Caffray Cahill Cainen Calderwood Caldwell
Calissindorff Callaghan Callan Callanan Callman
Callwell Calvert Camac Campbell Canavan
Cane Cannan Cannon Cantrell Carberry
Card Cardiff Careless Carey Carleton
Carmichael Carney Carolin Caropbell Carpenter
Carr Carrick Carroll Carrothers Carter
Cartland Carton Casey Cash Cassidy
Cassin Castro Catcheside Causzaer Cave
Ceuete Chamberlaine Chambers Champion Chancellor
Chandler Chapell Chapman Charge Charles
Charrurier Chartres Chebsey Christian Christie
Church Clare Clarendon Clarke Clarkson
Clayton Clegg Clements Clibbon Clifford
Clinch Clindenin Clinton Close Coates
Cochran Cockburne Cocke Codd Coffee
Coffey Cogan Coghlan Coglan Cohen
Colbert Colclough Colditz Cole Coleman
Colgan Colles Colley Collier Collins
Collison Colonor Colquhoun Colvill Conan
Condron Conlan Connell Connelly Connery
Connolly Connor Conolly Conran Conroy
Conway Conyngham Coogan Cooke Cooney
Cooper Copeland Corballis Corbally Corcoran
Cormick Corne Cornmell Cornwall Corr
Corrigan Corry Cosgrave Costello Costigan
Costley Cottle Cotton Coughlan Coulson
Coulton Courtney Covey Cowdall Cowell
Cowen Cowley Cox Coyle Craig
Crane Crannan Craven Crawford Crean
Creed Creighton Crofton Crombie Crone
Cronin Crookes Crosbie Cross Crosthwaite
Crothers Crotty Crowe Cruise Cudmore
Cuff Culder Culledon Cullen Cullidon
Cullinan Cummins Cunningham Cuppaidge Curren
Currin Curry Curtis Cusack Custis